Azbio the Star
Season , Episode 19A
Air date TBA
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Bust a Move
Go West, Young Lambie


Azbio, Emmie's new toy, is so cool! But Bubble Monkey (Toy) spoiled him. So he has the worst diagnosis of all! It is Bubbly-Itis. Now Azbio was a new him.

Characters Present Edit



  • This is the fifth time Doc hasn't sang Hey What's Going On. instead, Pickles and Bubble Monkey sang it.
  • Diagnosis: Bubbly Itis
  • Toys that debut in this episode: Azbio
  • This is the 14th episode where Chilly was absent from. And this is the 7th episode where Hallie was absent from.


Azbio: I love to play!
Bubble Monkey: Come on, Let's play Bubble Tag!
Azbio: How do we play?

Azbio (nervous): I am scared, of the new look.

Doc: You'll be fine, Azbio.

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