Boppy's Boo-boo

In this short, Boppy the Bouncy toy ends up with a splinter stuck on his tummy as he stars getting scared and hopping away as Doc explains to Boppy that even a small pain can help with a big problem. Doc removes the splinter and Boppy feels better.


This short is based on the episodes A Bad Case of the Pricklethorns and Busted Boomer.


Boppy's Boo-boo (1)

Chilly imitates Boppy

Boppy's Boo-boo (2)

"Can't get up." Of course you can't. You're a snowman, and snowmen don't have any legs.

Boppy's Boo-boo (3)

A splinter

Boppy's Boo-boo (4)

Doc helps Boppy's Boo-boo