Bouncy House Boo-Boos
Season 4, Episode 11A
Bouncy house boo boos end shot
Air date November 5, 2016
Written by Chelsea Beyl
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"Bouncy House Boo-Boos" is the first segment of the one-hundred and third episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on November 5, 2016.


When some of the toys get hurt at Bobby’s birthday party, Doc teaches them about bounce house safety.




Lambie: You didn't think we forgot your birthday, did you?
Boppy: You almost fooled me. You're all coming to my birthday party, right?
Stuffy: We'd never miss a party.
Boppy: That is great news. I'm having my friends over at my house for the first time!

Stuffy: Hold on a second. You got a bounce house for your party?
Boppy: Actually this is my house. I live here. I'm a bouncy toy, remember?
Stuffy: You live in a bounce house? McStuffinsville just keeps getting better.

Boppy: When you live in a bouncy house everything is bouncy. Even my bed.

Stuffy: (While bouncing) Wahoo! I can fly! (Accidently bounces outside the bounce house) Whoa!
Lambie: Dragon! Incoming!
Stuffy: (After he lands on Doc) Doc, you're here! Ya gotta join the bouncy party. It's amazing.



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