Bringing Home Baby
Season 3, Episode 27
Bringing Home Baby
Air date March 25, 2016
Written by Chris Née
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"Bringing Home Baby" is the eighty-eighth episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on March 25, 2016.


Mom and Dad get the call that the new baby is on the way, so Grandma McStuffins arrives to take care of Doc and Donny.




Doc: (after the doorbell rings) Ooh, she's here!
Lambie: (Gasp) The baby?
Stuffy: I don't really understand this stuff, but that seems fast.
Doc: No, it's Grandma. Grandma McStuffins.

Lambie: (After Doc tells the story of how she got Lambie) Love that story.
Hallie: It was cuter than a cow doing the can-can. But what did we learn for your list?
Lambie: Well, our new toy should be cuddly.
Doc: And cute.
Lambie: Right. And cute.

Grandma McStuffins: I've seen how much you care about your toys. I thought this might help you take even better care of them. Or at least get to know them better. (Gives Doc a stethoscope)
Doc: Mm, my mom has a stethoscope too.
Grandma McStuffins: Not like this one. This one is special.
Doc: I love it. Thanks, grandma.
Grandma McStuffins: Aw, you're so welcome, baby. Enjoy. I mean that.

Doc: You're alive. All of you.
Hallie: We sure as shootin' are.
Doc: Oh, that's amazing. But how is this happening?
Lambie: When you put the right kid with the right stethoscope.
Hallie: And that one right there is the right one for you.
Stuffy: Us toys can come to life.

Hallie: Oh, she's cuter than a June bug in July.
Doc: Oh, she is, isn't she?
Lala: I have straps to hang on a crib. See? I'm a-I'm a baby toy.
Doc: Yes, you are.
Lala: I just need to find a baby to love.
Lambie: (Gasp) We have a baby who needs a toy to love.
Lala: You do? I wanna meet them. Can I come with you?
Doc: You thinkin' what I'm thinking?
Lambie: She sure looks cuddly.
Stuffy: And look at how brave she was coming right up to you.
Chilly: (Breaths on Lala) She does not appear to melt.
Hallie: She's perfect.
Stuffy: And I know perfect. On account of how perfect I am.
Lambie: Yeah. We get it, Stuffy.
Doc: She's everything we were looking for. Lala, would you like to come home with us?
Lala: I would la-la-love to. (Giggles)



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