"Bust a Marvelous Move" is a Doc McStuffins song from the season 3 episode "Bust a Move". It is sung by Commander Crush and Ferris.


It feels so good to dance the (something) again
It feels so good to stretch and shuffle and burn
When you've been traveling
And all boxed in
Well all you wanna do
Is turn the music up
Stretch your legs
And really bust a move
It feels so good to get these toes tap-tapping again

Commander Crush:
Hey you look good doing it to

So jump right in and just start dancing my friend

Commander Crush (Ferris):
Show my (something) robot moves (Come on and)

Commander Crush and Ferris:
Get on up, show your stuff
Can't stop your dancing shoes
It feels so good to bust a marvelous move
Good to bust a marvelous move

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