Check-Up Chilly
Season 4, Episode 4B
Check-up chilly title
Air date August 12, 2016
Written by Chelsea Beyl
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"Check-Up Chilly" is the second segment of the ninety-sixth episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on August 12, 2016.


Chilly takes over for Hallie at the front desk and makes appointments for check-ups he doesn't need, taking time away from the patients who really do need help.




Chilly: I was just stackin' the charts for ya. Again. It puts me in my happy place.
Hallie: Well, looky lou at you. Thanks, sugar.

Chilly: O.R. one. That's where I had my plush fluffed. I had some very soft and cuddly memories in there.

Hallie: Whew! This hospital is busier than a barnyard full or bullfrogs.
Doc: You know, Hallie, you can't do everything by yourself. We're running a big hospital now.
Hallie: I hear you, Doc, but making checkup appointments is a part of my job.
Doc: Maybe now is a good time to find someone to help you.

Chilly: I happen to know Doc's schedule by heart. It's how I plan my day.
Hallie: Chilly, what do you think about giving me a hand?
Chilly: Me? What would I do?
Hallie: You'd be in charge of this.
Chilly: (Gasp) Doc's appointment book? It's... it's too much. I might cry.
Hallie: Well, don't do that, 'cause it will be up to you to keep this hospital up and running while I help Doc in surgery and make my rounds.
Chilly: I'd be honored. But, do you really think I can do it?
Hallie: You know this job better than a bumblebee knows butterscotch.

Saltwater Serge: Excuse me, monsieur.
Chilly: Uh... "meeshur" must be off today, but I am Chilly, and I will schedule your appointment.

Chilly: But if I'm healthy, that means no more checkups ever again?
Doc: It's still really important to see your doctor when your healthy, Chilly, but that's usually only once a year. That's what I do.
Stuffy: I see what you're saying, Doc. That way, there are appointments for other toys who really need... (slips on paper) like me.
Doc: That's right. You don't want to take time away from a broken toy who needs help.
Chilly: Of course I don't, Doc. I love checkups and want every toy to have one if they need it.


  • Diagnosis: Hyper-checkupsies
  • Although this episode was about checkups, the "Time for Your Checkup" song wasn't performed.
  • This is the third time Chilly sings "I Feel Better" after his checkup.
  • Chilly got his hospital scrubs in this episode.


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