"Clap, Clap, A-OK" is a Doc McStuffins song from the season 1 episode "To Squeak, or Not to Squeak. It is sung by Doc, Stuffy and Lambie about all the different ways to communicate.

Doc McStuffins - S01E21 - To Squeak, or Not to Squeak 46
Doc McStuffins - Clap, Clap, A-OK! - Music Video00:56

Doc McStuffins - Clap, Clap, A-OK! - Music Video


Doc, Stuffy and Lambie:
You can, clap, clap!
You can, snap, snap!
You can, point, point!
You can, wave, wave!
You can, stomp, stomp!
All you, want, want!
And the, Doc will make it A-OK!

If you can't say the words
I'll still figure out what hurts.

Doc, Stuffy and Lambie:
Put the pieces all together yeah
We can make it all better if you

Clap, clap, and ya snap, snap!
You can point, point!
You can wave, wave!
You can stomp, stomp!
All ya want, want!
And the, Doc will take the hurt away!
Clap, clap, snap, snap, stomp, stomp, A-OK!

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