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Doc McStuffins Goes McMobile
Season 2, Episode 1A
Doc McStuffins Goes McMobile
Air date September 6, 2013
Written by Chris Nee
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"Doc McStuffins Goes McMobile" is the first segment of the twenty-seventh episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on September 6, 2013.


Doc and her dad build a mobile clinic so she can fix toys when she's away from home.


As Doc and her friends play in the park, they spotted a little girl named Maddie crying about her toy mouse named Norton who can't flip. For the 1st time, Doc couldn't help a broken toy, Mr. McStuffins builds a little mobile clinic to help Doc help toys no matter where she goes and now takes it everywhere trying to find broken toys so she can treat them.




Chilly: Whatcha doing?
Stuffy: I'm pacing. It's how Doc's, and brave dragons, come up with great new ideas.

Mr McStuffins: It's missing a wheel, and we'll have to put on a handle, but this should get us started. What else do you need?
Doc: An air-pump for blow-up toys, a winder-upper station, a squeak transplant station, a spare parts compartment, and a piece dispenser. Oh, and a bandage bin.
Mr. McStuffins: Wow! I think I might have just the right stuff.


  • This is the first episode of season 2.
  • Toys that debut in this episode: Norton
  • Starting with this episode there is a new credit sequence. It features a still shot of Doc's clinic.
  • At the beginning of "The Doc Mobile" song, when Stuffy, Lambie and Hallie sing out "The Doc Mobile" for the first time, Chilly was lip syncing.


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