Dr. Maisha McStuffins
Mrs. McStuffins


Maisha McStuffins






Marcus (husband)
Doc (daughter)
Donny McStuffins (son)
Maya McStuffins (adopted daughter)
Tisha and Sabrina McStuffins (nieces)


Her job, her family


Knight Time


Kimberly Brooks

Dr. Maisha McStuffins is the beautiful wife of Marcus McStuffins, the mother of Doc and Donny and the adoptive mother of Maya. She sometimes has Doc to volunteer for her when there's a patient to help, either toy or person. She is a recurring character in season 1-3 and a guest character in season 4.



In addtion to her beauty, Dr. McStuffins is mostly compassionate and motherly, but when there's a patient in need, she always remains sweet and friendly to them, if the patient is a person, but when Doc is stuck on a hard case when there's a toy to fix, her mother always helps her with some advice or help to fix the toy.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Dr. McStuffins is slender and wears a green long-sleeved shirt and denim jeans. She is often seen wearing a white lab coat just like Doc. She has curly brown hair, brown skin, and brown eyes. On Christmas Day at the end of "A Very McStuffins Christmas" she wore a green sweater with snowflakes embroidered all around it at the bottom. The sleeves and collar are red.


  • "Doc, I'm gonna need you to assist."
  • "Waiting can be hard. But sometimes, it makes the thing you waited for even more special."
  • "There, there, Maya. You're new here, so I bet everything feels really strange."


  • Dr. McStuffins' real name is Maisha which we learn in The Big Sleepover. Her name is based on Dr. Myiesha Taylor, an emergency room physician at Texas Regional Medical Center in Sunnyvale.
  • Dr. McStuffins is African-American.
  • When she was younger, she used to take ballet as revealed in "Break Dancer".



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