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Engine Nine, Feelin' Fine!

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Engine Nine, Feelin' Fine!
Season 1, Episode 4A
Engine Nine, Feelin' Fine!
Air date March 27, 2012
Written by Chris Nee
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Engine Nine, Feelin' Fine! is the first segment of the fourth episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on March 27, 2012.


Donny thinks that his toy fire engine Lenny, aka Engine 9, is broken ( but it actually ran out of water in his holding tanks), so Doc fixes him by refilling him.


It's a hot day in Doc's neighborhood as Donny's favorite toy Lenny the fire truck runs out of water, Donny thinks that Lenny is broken for good so Donny puts him in a pile of broken toys. Doc, Stuffy & Lambie plan to help Donny by fixing Lenny as he keeps running out of water.




Lambie: Oh, oh, does that mean we can have a tea party?
Stuffy: Whoa, no one said anything about a tea party! I'm a dragon. I'm suppose to be protecting castles, not having tea parties. Besides, I have nothing to wear.

Doc: Awww, Donny, looked so sad.
Lambie: Oh, I know something you can do to cheer him up.
Doc and Lambie: Fix, Lenny!
Lambie: You are a doctor for toys after all.

Doc: Lenny, I think you need a checkup.
Lenny: What's a checkup?
Lambie: Oh, it's when a doctor, like Doc here, takes a look at you to make sure you're healthy and strong.

Doc: Hm, Lenny, has anything else been bothering you?
Lenny: Well, I’ve been feeling kind of tired and my head sort of hurts sometimes. But mostly when it's really hot outside.
Lambie: What do you think, Doc?
Doc: I don't know, but I won't give up until we figure it out.
Lambie: That's my girl.

Lenny: What's dried-out-atosis?
Doc: It's like when you're dehydrated.
Stuffy: Oh yeah, it's exactly like being dehydrated. Uh, Doc, what's dehydrated again? I'm asking for the, Lenster, here.
Doc: It's when you aren't drinking enough water.


  • Diagnosis: Dried-Out-atosis
  • Toys that debut in this episode: Lenny the fire engine and Buddy the dump truck

Differences Between Book from EpisodeEdit

  • Lambie was on two legs the whole time in the book. Although in the episode, she was on all fours in some scenes.
  • In the book, Stuffy was on the shelf when Doc was looking for Lambie. Although in the episode, Chilly was on the shelf when Doc was looking for Lambie, and Donny brought Lambie, Stuffy and Lenny into Doc's bedroom.
  • In the episode it was Doc and Lambie who said "Fix Lenny", but in the book it was Stuffy who said it.
  • Chilly didn't appear in the book like how he did in the episode.
  • In the episode, when Doc tells the toys to go stuffed, Lambie was on the floor, but in the book, she was on the clinic table.


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