Go West, Young Lambie
Season 6, Episode 19B
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Azbio the Star
Doc's Old Toy

Summary Edit

Doc and her friend, Emmie saw a sunset one evening. When Emmie left, Doc brings her toys to life. Lambie saw a beautiful sunset. She decides to get a better look, but she trips and falls over a rock and hurts and she has a huge rip herself. She has a case of Giant Cut atosis. So Doc and the toys help her calm down and patch her rip



Lambie, relaxed: What a baa-eautiful sunset!

Lambie, franticily: OUCH!! A big rip in my plush! DOC!!

(Doc hears Lambie's echo of, ("DOC!!"))

Doc: Oh No! What Now Lambie? Lambie: I Ripped My Back and stuffing is lost!


  • In The Rip Heard Round the World, Lambie had a little rip. But in here, she had a really big rip.
  • This is the 4th episode Lambie sang I feel better.
  • Jess Harnell was absent when this episode and Azbio the Star have aired, so James Arnold Taylor filled in for the voice of Chilly.