Hannah the Brave
Season 4, Episode 18A
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Air date June 4, 2017
Written by Kerri Grant
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"Hannah the Brave" is the first segment of the one-hundred and tenth episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on June 4, 2017.


Hannah the doll has gum stuck in her hair and needs Doc's help to get it out.




Hallie: (about Audrey) Why, that looks like a hospital room. Oh, the little sugar cube must be sick.

Audrey's mom: Oh, sweetie, Hannah got gum in her hair. It could be full of icky germs, and germs might make you even sicker.
Audrey: But having Hannah always helps me feel brave when I feel scared.

Audrey's mom: Audrey, the doctor needs to run your test now. Before we do your chemo treatment.

Lambie: Doc, what's chemo?
Doc: It's a really strong medicine. Audrey must be really sick.

Audrey: (about Hannah) But, Mom, I need her.
Audrey's mom: Sweetheart, I'm sorry, but you have to leave her here. We can't let you catch any more germs.

Doc: (about Audrey) We need to help that kid, stat!
Hallie: We sure as sugarcane do! She's brave as a honey badger, but a kid shouldn't have to go through a big treatment without her favorite toy.

Hannah: Oh, I've been to lots of checkups with Audrey, but I never thought I'd be getting one.
Chilly: Don't worry, checkups are nothing to be afraid of. Trust me, I have lots of experience.
Hannah: Oh, okay. Give me a checkup, Doc.

Hannah: I have to get back to Audrey. Audrey is my girl. I love her so much, and I need to be there for her.

Hannah: Oh, Audrey, my love for you is bigger than any wad of gum. I'd do anything to be there for you. If you can be brave, so can I.

Hallie: (to Hannah) Audrey's luckier than a cricket in a bed of four-leaf clovers to have you as her toy.
Doc: She sure is.

Dress Up Declan: You are being so brave.
Doc: Just like your kid.
Hannah: Just like Audrey.
Stuffy: I know brave, on account of I'm a brave dragon and all, and you're one brave toy, Hannah.
Hannah: Thanks. I learned from the bravest kid I know.

Audrey: Mom, look at Hannah! The gum's gone, and so is her hair!
Audrey's mom: Oh, a nurse must've come in and cut the gum out.
Hallie: A nurse, a doctor, a hairdresser and three toy med students. Oh, it takes a village to help a toy.
Audrey: I love you, Hannah. You look more beautiful than ever.
Audrey's mom: She sure does. In fact, she looks just like you. Oh! (Hugs Audrey)
Audrey: Can I take Hannah with me to my treatment now?
Audrey's mom: You sure can, sweet pea.
Audrey: I'm so happy you're coming with me to my treatment, Hannah. I don't know what I'd do without you, and I never, ever wanna find out.

Chilly: Hannah's love for Audrey really melts my snowman heart.
Stuffy: I think Audrey is ready for her treatments now.
Doc: She would say she's ready, ready, ready.


  • Diagnosis: The Icky-Yicky Gummy Stickies
  • Toys that debut in this episode: Hannah
  • This episode originally aired on National Cancer Survivors Day.
  • When Hannah wakes up after she fainted she says "I just had the kookiest dream. You were there and you and you and you and you." This is a reference to the 1939 film "The Wizard of Oz" when Dorothy comes back from Oz and wakes up in her room noticing that that farm hands look just like her three new friends from Oz.