"Keep Still" is a Doc McStuffins song from the episode "Keep on Truckin'". It is sung by Doc, Stuffy, Lambie and Tremane. Doc and Tremane sing about how sometimes you have to keep still even if you want to move around.

Keep Still song


Yee haw!
I want to shake and squeal
I want to spin my wheels
Want to jump and shout and get my giggles out.
But right now I've gotta keep still.

You want to rev and go.
You want to rock and roll.
You want to get there fast with your engine on blast.
But, sometimes you've gotta keep still

That's right!

I can fix you up just wait

Stuffy and Lambie:
Doc will paint your stripes on straight

I want to boogie down
I want to race around

Doc, Stuffy and Lambie:
You want to rev and go.
You want to rock and roll.

Doc, Stuffy, Lambie and Tremane:
But, right now, you've/I've gotta keep still

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