Klickin' Kailen
Season 7, Episode 7A
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Man, My Wheel is Red
Posion Purple Bella
Kailen, a instrument toy, is so cool! She is like Azbio the Star (toy). Doc helps Kailen fix one on her keys. It got stuck. Azbio is jealous of Kailen.

Recap Edit

One day, Doc went to Emmie's house for a playdate. She got Lambie, Stuffy, Hailie, Tamorina, and Kailen. Everyone loves Kailen's clicking, except Azbio. Azbio is jealous of Kailen. Then suddenly, one of Kailen's keys got stuck. Doc has to fix her. After that, Azbio was diagnosised, "Scaredy-Itis. It means Azbio is scared and jealous of Kailen. Azbio tries to meet Kailen. Then, it worked! Azbio and Kailen are friends.

Characters Edit

Songs Edit

Time for Your Checkup

Don't be afraid Azbio

Trivia Edit

  • Theo was scared too, in Shell Shy.
  • Diagnosis: Kailen: Stuck-Key-tosis Azbio: Scaredy-Itis
  • Doc has Scaredy-Itis too. She went to the circus with her mom. She was soo scared of that clown! She calms down and now she loves the clown!
  • Kailen's key were aqua, but in Rita vs. Ricardo, her keys where dark green.

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