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Lamb in a Jam
Season 2, Episode 2
Lamb in a Jam
Air date September 13, 2013
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Awesome Guy's Awesome Arm
Diagnosis Not Even Close-is


When grape jam gets on Lambie, Doc diagnoses her with "Jam-on-Lamb-itosis," and tells her she must stay home instead of coming with her to 'Take Your Toy to School Day.'


It's bring-your-toy-to-school day at Doc's school as Lambie learns that it's her turn to be the toy that Doc takes until later on, as Doc's Dad, Mr. McStuffins was making a sandwich for Doc, Lambie gets the grape jam all over her plush as she worries that Doc won't be able to take her to school. At School, Doc's Teacher Sees The Grape Jelly And Sends Doc To The Principal's Office.


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