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Lamb in a Jam
Season 2, Episode 2B
Lamb in a Jam
Air date September 13, 2013
Written by Ed Valentine
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Diagnosis Not Even Close-is

Lamb in a Jam is the second segment of the twenty-eighth episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on September 13, 2013.


When grape jam gets on Lambie, Doc diagnoses her with "Jam-on-Lamb-itosis," and tells her she must stay home instead of coming with her to 'Take Your Toy to School Day.'


It's bring-your-toy-to-school day at Doc's school as Lambie learns that it's her turn to be the toy that Doc takes until later on, as Doc's Dad, Mr. McStuffins was making a sandwich for Doc, Lambie gets the grape jam all over her plush as she worries that Doc won't be able to take her to school.




Chilly: (to Lambie) You do remember Doc said her classroom has a hamster, right? I do not like hamsters.
Doc: Chilly! Hamsters are cute and cuddly.
Lambie: Like me!
Chilly: You I trust. Hamsters, not so much.

Stuffy: Lambie, you're going out there just a little toy, but you're coming back a lamb of the world. Don't be gone too long, okay?
Lambie: I'll be home before you even know i'm gone.

Lambie: Oh, Doc, having to stay home doesn't feel good at all.
Doc: I know. And I know how bad you feel. I got a cold on the morning of my class trip to the pumpkin patch and had to stay home. I felt so bad about missing that trip.
Hallie: Oh, did she ever! But Doc's mom said she had to stay home so she wouldn't spread germs to everyone.

Stuffy: Sorry, Lambie. I'd give you a cuddle, but--yeeech!--you're covered in jam! Not gonna do it.

Lambie: Look at us! Good as new. Well, it does feel nice to be clean.
Stuffy: Yeah, I guess. (Both Lambie and Stuffy sigh)



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