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Lambie is a sweet and pretty little lamb who loves ballet, she can either walk in all fours or two legs and has been friends with doc for a long time, she gets along with some characters because she is super kind. She loves to give cuddles, especially to sick patients at the clinic. She has always dreamt of being friends with a mermaid too.


Lambie is a white plush lamb, with a pink tutu, pink paws, a pink bow on her head, two long ears and a small skinny tail. She also has long, black, eyelashes.


Lambie, like most sheeps or lambs has white fluffy wool covering her body. Her face and paws are a fair-pink color while her wrist and ankles have light pink ruffles around them. She has a small, but noticeable lambs tail and big ears on the lower part of her head. Lambie has small black eyes with small eyelashes, a dark pink thin nose connected to her mouth, and light colored freckles

Lambie's attire is very simple. Consisting of a pink bow on the top of her head, and a short pink tutu.

Lambie appears in every episode of the series. She appears in all but one short of The Doc Files. She is a slender stuffed lamb with a pink bow and tutu. She also often wears a tiara when Doc plays a princess game starring "Princess Lambie". She sometimes wears pink pajamas with lambs on them at night, mostly when she first appears in them in the episode Dark Knight. She also wears a yellow hat and scarf when she goes out in the snow, and a pink kerchief with a flower on it when she goes camping.

In Wrap It Up, Lambie and Stuffy were pretending to be superheroes. Lambie wore her normal tutu skirt, along with a blue eyemask and a yellow tiara with a big red star in the center.


Lambie is as soft as the wool covering her! She is gentle and very sweet, but usually not timid or shy. Though depending on who she's meeting for the first time, she may get hesitant or insecure until she is convinced to just be herself. She simply adores hugs, even if you do know what hugged, you can guarentee that Lambie will ignore the protest and hug away! Usually her hugs or cuddles tend to cheer up others, and when someone refuses she sometimes gets sad or may seem shocked. But it doesn't last long.

Besides being a loveable cuddle-bug, Lambie also is very passionate about activites that may involve Dancing. She loves ballet and likes it when others wish to dance with her too.

But despite how soft she may be, underneath her cuddly pink exterior, Lambie is no pushover! She may seem a little ditzy but she's actually pretty smart. She has shown to remember important things and long definitions, as shown when Stuffy forgot something but claimed Doc should tell them to remind Lambie, who then told him the definition. Also, Lambie can be a little forceful if she knows she has to be. Though this is pretty rare of her.

In the show, Lambie is a very sweet character with a very sweet voice, but sometimes she may feel sad or worried when something bad happens, or when someone hurts her feelings, normally in the episode Caught Blue-Handed, when Lambie goes over to Chilly to cuddle him, Doc stops her by holding her (because of this, Doc thinks Chilly has caught 'mystery pox').  With Doc eventually giving Lambie a warning called 'cuddle-ram' and Hallie saying "I've got my eye on you", this hurts Lambie's feelings.

In the episode My Huggy Valentine, when Doc gets a stuffed heart named Val for Valentine's Day, Lambie gets jealous of her; when Stuffy takes a picture of her, Doc and Val, Val steals her talent of cuddling and makes the best Valentine's Day card ever, Lambie feels sad and brokenhearted, with a few tears appearing from her eyes. Doc then gives Lambie a check-up just to make sure she's OK, and calls her diagnosis 'split-heart itis'. She apologizes to Lambie for leaving her out, and gives her a cuddle to make her happy again.

Role in the seriesEdit

Lambie is a stuffed lamb who likes to hug people and dance ballet. When a toy isn't feeling very well, Lambie sometimes worries about it and often gives them a cuddle. During the show, Lambie is often seen looking worried when Doc examines the patient to find out what's wrong. It is also hinted that she may have feelings for Stuffy.

In addition to ballet, Lambie also likes playing tea parties with her friends, including Susie Sunshine. But in the episode Tea Party Tantrum, Susie shoves the table with her feet in temper while saying "I don't want any tea!" According to Doc, it is hinted that Susie refuses to play tea party, even though she loves playing tea parties. By the end of the episode, when Susie has had a nap, she feels much better and happily says that she really wants to have a tea party. And in the episode Run Down Race Car, Stuffy runs off when he hears that Ricardo Racecar should stop racing because he is out of energy. When Lambie walks to Ricardo to give him a cuddle, Stuffy runs to Lambie and hugs her. Lambie is a ballerina, just like Bella the ballerina doll.

Lambie always keeps her plush clean. Her plush got dirty 2 times. In the Doc Files episode The Lamb's Exam, she got squished between the custions which she got covered with dust after Donny got up to go get popcorn. In the Doc McStuffins episode Doc's Busy Day, Lambie got covered with dirt when Doc's little cousin Sabrina was playing rough on her in the garden. In the episode The Rip Heard Round the World, her bottom got ripped by Sir Kirby's sword while she and Doc were dancing.


"You could use a cuddle!"
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