Molly Molly Mouthful
Season 3, Episode 3B
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Air date July 30, 2015
Written by Kent Redeker
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"Molly Molly Mouthful" is the second segment of the sixty-fourth episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on July 30, 2015.


Doc’s toy “Molly-Molly Mouthful” loves to have flapjacks flipped into her mouth, nevertheless when Molly comes to life and keeps talking while eating, one of her plastic flapjacks gets stuck.




Molly Molly: I bet you'll like my dinosaur joke. What dinosaur loves pancakes? A triceratops!

Stuffy: Dragons love flapjacks. Love, love, love. Can't get enough of 'em.
Lambie: Do you know what flapjacks are?
Stuffy: Not so much, no.

Lambie: I'll be the waitress.
Stuffy: I'll cook.
Lambie: And Chilly, you be the maître d'.
Chilly: Maître d'? Is that food? I've never had it before, and I don't like new things.
Lambie: No, Chilly. A maître d' is the person who greets customers all fancy-like at the restaurant.
Chilly: Ooh, fancy-like. I can do that. I'm already wearing a top hat.

Hallie: Howdy do there, Doc. What have we got today? Hiccups? Hives?
Doc: Flapjacks.
Hallie: Well, that's a new one.

Stuffy: Hey, all this rhyming is fun.
Lambie: Oh, Stuffy.
Stuffy: Okay, I'm done. With my rhyming run. I'm all hot cross buns and don't look at the sun, and that's no fun. [Laughing, while Lambie glares at him] Okay, yeah, done rhyming now. Thanks Lambie.

Doc: So who's up for playing some more restaurant?
Lambie: Oh, me. And now, it's time for dessert. Come on, Stuffy.
Stuffy: I'm the desert chef, too? Who do I talk to about getting a raise?


  • Diagnosis: Mouth-full-of-flapjack-itis
  • Toys that debut in this episode: Molly-Molly Mouthful
  • This is the second episode we see Doc in her operating clothes. The first episode was "Getting to the Heart of Things".
  • This episode chronologically takes place after "Fetchin' Findo" since the Pet Vet can be seen through the window of the door.


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