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Blame It on the Rain


Colette Whitaker

Moo Moo is a plush cow that belonged to Alma that she left in the rain by accident as Moo Moo felt like Alma put her in the rain on purpose as she thinks that Doc should keep her.

Role in the seriesEdit

She appeared in the episode Blame It on the Rain, when Alma accidentally left her outside in the rain and is then devastated. Doc takes Moo-Moo to the clinic to get her dried off. When Hallie puts a wristband on her, she cries because she is sad that Alma has left her out in the rain. Doc, Lambie and Stuffy twist and squeeze Moo-Moo, and then roll and press to cure her 'squishyitis'. Then they dry her in the sun and give her one last check-up and she is ready to go home, but she doesn't want to, because she thinks Alma left her out in the rain on purpose. Doc and her friends tell her that Alma still loves her even if she makes a mistake and about their previous mistakes. Aft singing a song about making mistakes, Doc and Moo-Moo hear Alma crying in her garden. Realizing that everyone, including best friends, make mistakes sometimes, Moo-Moo is ready to go back to Alma and receives one more cuddle from Lambie, Stuffy, and Hallie. Doc takes Moo-Moo to Alma's house and gives her back to Alma. When it starts to rain again, Alma takes Moo-Moo, her fairy doll and her frog inside.

In "Moo-Moo's Tutu Boo Boo," Moo Moo wants to do ballet, but begins to worry that she's not any good at it. Bella and the others help her to realize that it takes time to learn something new and that the important thing is to enjoy having fun with friends.


Moo Moo is a stuffed beige cow with button eyes, light blue hooves, a bright-colored tan tummy and big brown spots.


"You mean I have to moove on back to Alma's house?"