"My Shark's Tale" is a Doc McStuffins song from the season 1 episode "Shark Style Toothache". It is sung by Mr. Chomp with Stuffy and Lambie in the background. In it Mr. Chomp sings to everyone that even though he looks scary on the outside that isn't who he is on the inside.

Stuffy, lambie and mr chomps


Mr. Chomp:
It's not easy being me
I never asked for all these teeth
And I got feelings deep inside that no one knows

You think I'm a scary shark
But you can't judge a dog by the sound of its bark
And if you'll give me a chance
I'm gentle as a rose

Sharks can be good, just misunderstood
I'm as cuddly as a whale
There's nothing to fear
You just gotta hear my shark's tale

I'm cold and I'm gray
Other fish swim away
But I wouldn't hurt a snail
If you'll be my friend
There's a happier end to my

Stuffy, Lambie and Mr. Chomp:
Shaaarrrk's tale