Nurse's Office
Season 3, Episode 11A
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Air date September 18, 2015
Written by Chelsea Beyl
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"Nurse's Office" is the first segment of the seventy-second episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on September 18, 2015.


When the toys decide to play school, Chilly keeps making excuses to visit the nurse's office, so Doc gives him a check-up and realizes that he's nervous to start a new school.




Professor Hootsburgh: I like to say that school is about spreading your knowledge wings. It isn't something to fear.
Stuffy: Brave dragons aren't afraid of anything, even school. Allow me to put my dragon smarts to the test. Four times four divided by two plus three equals exactly... I have no idea.

Professor Hootsburgh: If you want to become the toy of your dreams, you have to go to school.

Stuffy: If only there was a school for toys.
Doc: Stuffy, that's a great idea.
Stuffy: I know, right? But what's a great idea exactly?
Doc: You can all go to school. A school for toys. And Professor Hootsburgh can be our teacher.

Stuffy: (about going with Hallie) Aren't you gonna go with her, Doc?
Doc: Nope. I'm a student today, Stuffy.
Stuffy: Awesome! Just don't let Hootsburgh catch us passing notes.

Professor Hootsburg: Now watch the volcano erupt.
Stuffy: Cool! Sudsy lava. Yikes! (Trips)
Lambie: Yeah, science isn't your best subject.

Chilly: (after Doc sings "Hey What's Going On") Well, the truth is, I was... pretending. I was afraid I'd get all the wrong answers.


  • Diagnosis: Fakey-sicky-school-iosis
  • This is the fourth time "Hey What's Going On" was the last song. The first time was in "Big Head Hallie", the second was in "Sproingo Boingo Takes the Leap" and the third time was in "Swimmer's Belly".
  • This is the third time Doc sings "Hey What's Going On" to Chilly. The first time was in "Think Pink". And the second was in "Chilly and the Dude".
  • Doc's favourite subject in school is science.
  • Chilly states that he's always wanted to be a weatherman when he grows up.


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