"Peachy Clean" is a Doc McStuffins song from the Season 2 episode "Peaches Pie, Take a Bath!". It is sung by Doc, Lambie and Hallie to Peaches Pie about taking a bath to be clean.

Peaches' Bath
"Peaches Bath" Song Doc McStuffins Disney Junior UK01:01

"Peaches Bath" Song Doc McStuffins Disney Junior UK


Doc, Lambie and Hallie:
We'll get you cleaned up, whoo ooo.
We'll get you cleaned up, woo ooo.
If it rains at recess, your sneakers and sundress
Might smell less than new.

Take pity on our noses from your head to your toeses
Let's give that body a scrub

The very best way to get you smelling like a daisy is a soup in this bubbly

Lambie and Hallie:

Doc (Lambie and Hallie):
A fluffy towel whoo, ooo (Whoo ooo)
Comb your hair and brush your teeth

Doc, Lambie and Hallie:
Your clothes are neatly folded
Put them on and your completely peachy cleean
Perfectly, pristinely, peachy clean

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