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Colleen O'Shaughnessey

Doc finds Pickles inside a box at Alma's yard sale as Pickles thinks that Alma was giving her away as Lambie and Stuffy help Pickles explain that a child would never give a loved toy away until later on Doc helps Pickles by adding a green button nose to replace her missing one.

Role in the seriesEdit

In the episode The Bunny Blues, Stuffy finds Pickles in a cardboard box at Emmie and Alma's yard sale. Pickles thinks she has been whisked off to the yard sale because Alma didn't want her anymore, because she had been Alma's favorite toy since Alma was little. She starts to cry, which makes Stuffy start to cry too. Pickles starts to leave, but Lambie and Stuffy go to get her back. Stuffy starts to help her up over the fence, but Lambie stops him and reminds him that they are supposed to be helping Pickles get back to Alma. They take her to the clinic and Doc gives her a check-up. She then notices that her nose is missing. Pickles worries, but Doc searches for her box of toy parts for another nose, but all she can find is a small green button. Pickles worries that she'll look different with her button, but Doc tells her that Alma doesn't love her on the outside, she loves her because of who she is on the inside. She, Lambie and Stuffy take Pickles back to Alma and put her Alma's room.


Pickles is a bright purple bunny with a pink heart on her white tummy, yellow bows on each of her ears and a green button nose that Doc added on to her.


"(Pickles sees herself in the mirror) I look so...different."