Posion Purple Bella
Season 7, Episode 7B
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What a Bully!
Tisha brought a new toy for Doc. It's Ella Purple Posion Sqaure! Doc is so excited for her. Ella has posion powers. But, there was a mistake. Ella posioned Bella! She is yicky. Doc diagnosised her with "Posioneus-itis". It means Bella is posioned with Ella's posion power. Doc teaches Ella a lesson about not spreading posion on Bella. Ella apolgizes to Bella. Now Doc gave Bella a bath. It washes the posion. Then, Tisha calls Doc. Doc and Tisha are happy and play squarts. Bella is as good as new!

Characters Edit

  • Doc
  • Lambie
  • Stuffy
  • Haillie
  • Chilly
  • Ella Purple Posion Square (debut)
  • Bella
  • Tisha

Songs Edit

Hey What's Going On


Trivia Edit

  • This is the 4th episode where Tamorina did not appear. The first two were Go West, Young Lambie and Rita vs. Ricardo.
  • Diagnosis: Posioneus-Itis
  • Toys that debut in the episode: Ella Purple Posion Square
  • Bella and Ella rhyme!
  • Ella sang Hey, What's Going On instead of Doc.

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