Doc, Lambie and Stuffy were present for all episodes.

Hallie was absent for 1 episode.

Chilly was absent for 4 episodes.

Tamorina was absent for 5 episodes.

Episode # Episode Title Original Air Date Production Code
79 Doc's Old Toy TBA 401
80 Dino Charge Doc / Chattin' Cara TBA 402
81 A Frog's Thing / Stuffy's Birthday Surprise TBA 403
82 The Amazing Flying Clarence / One Good Whirl TBA 404
83 Jazzy Tamorina / Rita vs. Ricardo TBA 405
84 Happy Birthday Susie! / Man, My Wheel is Red TBA 406
85 Klickin' Kailen / Posion Purple Bella TBA 407
86 What a Bully! / Peaches Fashion Party! TBA 408
87 A Strange Friend / Tourist Trapped TBA 409
88 Welcome to McStuffinsville TBA 410
89 Check Up Chilly / A Lesson in Diagnosis TBA 411
90 Egg Tart / McStuffins Restaurants TBA 412

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