Shark-Style Toothache
Season 1, Episode 18B
Shark-Style Toothache
Air date May 18, 2012
Written by Noelle Wright
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"Shark-Style Toothache" is the second segment of the eighteenth episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on May 18, 2012.


Mr. Chomp, Donny's toy shark, has a broken tooth that needs to be repaired, but everyone (except for Doc and Hallie) are afraid of him because of his sharp teeth.




Doc: Guys, Mr. Chomp's just playing. He won't hurt you.
Mr. Chomp: You bet I won't.

Stuffy: Dragons love a bouncy bed. (Starts bouncing) Boing, boing. Come on, Chilly. Bounce with me.
Chilly: Snowmen aren't really meant for bouncing. Snow is delicate, you know.

Stuffy: The name's Stuffy--Stuffy the brave dragon.
Mr. Chomp: Pleased to meet you, Stuffy the brave dragon.
Stuffy: (laughs nervously) So, uh, what's the popular food for sharks these days? Calamari? Mango? (Gulp) Dragons?
Mr. Chomp: Oh gosh no. I would--
Stuffy: Aah! (Jumps onto the bed curtains) Ha ha...

Doc: I guess I'm a dentist tonight. Dentists are like doctors, for your teeth.

Doc: You guys still aren't afraid of Mr. Chomp, are you?
Lambie: Well, yeah. He's a shark, Doc.
Stuffy: He chomps things.
Hermie: With wicked sharp teeth.
Mr. Chomp: I know I look scary, and Donny sure plays with me like I'm scary. But that's not the real me at all. I wouldn't hurt a plastic fly.

Mr. Chomp: I'm a little scared.
Stuffy: I suppose this brave dragon can be brave enough for both of us.
Lambie: I can be brave for you, too.
Mr. Chomp: Gosh, thanks.