Spritzy Mitzi is an octopus-like sprinkler toy that appears in the 19 ep of the second season of Doc mc stuffings. she get a pebble stuck in her tentacles but refused to get it looked at resulting in a crack. but doc 

Spritzy mitzi

uses tape to fix her up. 


Mitzi is a red and orange octopus like sprinkler toy with spots on her head. She talks in slang similar to that of a rapper. 


whats popin doc and the funky fresh toy crew

ready to get wet and boogie down with the coolest sprinkler in town

oooo au ahh

get in hear crew

that was funky fresh you guys are solid

lets get our sprinkle on

lets get this water started

don't sweat it doc where chillin

oh snap your right

i don't need fixing for just a little pebble i can sprinkle fine with it don't sweat it

as shure as the sun is hot

you guys wanna boogie down and get cool and i wanna boogie down and sprinkle you no little pebble is going to stop me

your my girl yo

this is so cool

whho hoo oh yea get your sprinkle on this sprinkle is fresh if i do say so my self

whats happing?

on the best sprinkling day of the year?

ok chek me out doc

thanks lamby i felt the love

aww don't worry chilly i cant sprinkle you if i wanted too

when everybody needs me most?

not funky fresh

what if its something you can fix doc what if i cant sprinkle again?

in english doc

so can you fix it doc or am i going to be boxed up forever?

of course if it was my last sprinkle at least it was with my friends

i don't know if i can relax if i cant sprinkle im nothing just a lawn or dement with holes

thanks guys i trust u doc ur my girl

solid so solid

thats it!

well lets get back out there and boogie!

oh sorry got all exceeded

so what do i have to do to get cleared?

well stuffy kinda told me the pebble was in three when u wen inside

its the frist really hot day i wanted it to be the most funky fresh time ever! Pulse it was so little i didn't think it was a big deal

when the sun is strong and the day is long and the tempeture gets so hot the kids wanna play and my sprinklers spray and never wana stop but a pebble got stuck the water backed up and the party had to go pop

better fix it now

i never thought of it that way but i get it now

next time ill speak up thanks

ha ha im fixed!

and there still some hot sun out there

ha ha come on guys sprinkle sprinkle go go go aw hu oh yea sprinkle on sprinkle on


season 2 ep 19


Diagnosis: piper cloggy tentacle osis