"Stay Calm" is a Doc McStuffins song from the season 2 episode "Doc to the Rescue". It is sung by Doc and Dress-Up Daisy.

Doc McStuffins - Stay Calm with Lyrics00:46

Doc McStuffins - Stay Calm with Lyrics


Breathe in, breathe out
Listen to my voice.
We'll help you, can you stay calm?

Dress Up Daisy:
Oh goodness no, I'm freaking out!
I can't look up, I can't look down.
My foot is caught
My heart is pounding loud

So keep still, slow down
Focus on my voice.

Dress Up Daisy:
I'll take a breath and count to ten
And if that squirrel comes back again
I won’t freak out
I'll listen to my friends

Just breathe in, breathe out
Listen to my voice
You'll be okay, if you stay calm

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