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Stuffy dragon





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Doc McStuffins, Lambie, Chilly, Hallie, Squeakers, Sir Kirby, Boppy, Susie Sunshine, Lenny, Buddy, The Wicked King (sometimes), Gaby, Hermie, Robot Ray, Pickles, Bronty, Officer Pete, numerous other characters


Roaring, adventures, protecting castles, checkers, Squibbles


Hurting himself, not being able to help, jump roping, spiders


Robbie Rist
Ben Schwartz in "The Doc Files"

Stuffy is a lovable stuffed blue dragon who tries to be the bravest dragon of all but he does not succeed all the time. In The Right Stuff, Stuffy plays an adventure game with his friends. Suddenly, he accidentally rips the stuffing on his tail. He didn't want to tell Doc because he wanted to show her that he is a brave dragon. At the the end of the day, Doc tells him that all brave dragons ask for help sometimes. He is a good friend of Doc along with Hallie, Lambie and Chilly.

When envisioning himself as president, he refers to himself as Stuffy McStuffins, Stuffy M.C.Stuffins grouping him with Chilly and Hallie who have both referred to themselves as sharing Dottie's surname.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Stuffy is a slender stuffed dragon with a red collar round his neck and rosy cheeks.


Squibbles is his pet and loves playing with him.

Job at the Toy HospitalEdit

Stuffy now works as a veterinarian in the Vet to take good care of your pet if he or she is hurt or sick. Hey

Songs Sung by StuffyEdit

Season OneEdit

Season TwoEdit

Season ThreeEdit

Trivia Edit

  • In "The Doc Files", Stuffy was voiced by Ben Schwartz.
  • For Halloween, he was dressed up as a pirate in "Boo-Hoo to You" and as a zebra in "Hallie Halloween".
  • Stuffy is the first toy to adopt a toy pet as his own.
  • His middle name is Philbert.
  • Stuffy was the first toy that Doc gave a checkup to.
  • Stuffy was Doc's second toy after Lambie
  • Stuffy's design is based on The Reluctant Dragon film from 1941.


"I'm a brave dragon!"


"That feels better already!"

"Or maybe I need a checkup, just to make sure."

"I didn't do it!"

"Oh no! Not germs! I don't want germs!"

"Ha! Takes more than a pony ride to scare a big, brave dragon like me."

"New toys are just friends we haven't played with yet."

"Who's up for some dragon ball?"

"Incoming fairy!"

"I'm crashing the cuddle!"

"I'm a dragon! I'm supposed to be protecting castles, not having tea parties. .... Besides, I have nothing to wear."

"These cupcakes won't get me!"



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