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Stuffy is a lovable stuffed blue dragon who tries to be the bravest dragon of all but he does not succeed all the time. In The Right Stuff, Stuffy plays an adventure game with his friends until Suddenly, he accidentally rips the stuffing on his tail as he didn't want to tell Doc because he wanted to show her that he is a brave dragon. At the the end of the day, Doc tells him that all brave dragons ask for help sometimes. He is a good friend of Doc along with Hallie, Lambie and Chilly. and a new romance starts for Stuffy and Lambie begins as Stuffy becomes her hero


Stuffy is a slender stuffed dragon with a red collar round his neck and rosy cheeks. He sometimes appears in other outfits, such as a pirate costume in the episode All Washed Up and winter clothes in Chilly Gets Chilly.

Stuffy appears in every episode of the series and every short of The Doc Files.


While being brave and intelligent sometimes, Stuffy is rather clumsy but he doesn't always trip and fall successfully. Whenever he does it everyone often laughs at him because they think it is funny. But when Stuffy causes a frequent accident during a patient's check-up or at any time, he seems loyal and truthful to Doc or anyone else

Role in the seriesEdit

Stuffy is a stuffed blue dragon who always tries his best to be the bravest dragon of all. He unexpectedly hurts himself when Doc and the toy gang were playing a game in the episodes The Right Stuff and Un-Bur-Able. Stuffy says he isn't afraid of anything (except spiders) and when he tells himself he is brave, a noise startles him.

Stuffy's favorite game it protecting castles from monsters and brave knights. He dislikes tea parties, until he is part of it in the episode Tea Party Tantrum, when Doc and Lambie laugh at him for sipping from his tea cup loudly. Also in the episode All Washed Up, Stuffy and Lambie are pretending to be pirates in the game "Find the Hidden Treasure" (because of this, Stuffy is dressed as a pirate in the game)


"I'm a brave dragon!"


Stuffy Baby

Stuffy as a Baby

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