The Big Sleepover
Season 2, Episode 13A
Air date January 10, 2014
Written by Sascha Paladino
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"The Big Sleepover" is the first segment of the thirty-ninth episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on January 10, 2014.


When Doc gets homesick during her first sleepover at a friend's house, the toys try to cheer her up with a song and a picture of her surrounded by her toy friends.


It's Doc's first sleepover at Emmie and Alma's house until as later on Doc feels homesick about leaving her family and toy friends behind as Lambie, Stuffy and Pickles try everything to make Doc feel happy about having a sleepover.




Lambie: Well, better start packing. Two tiaras, three tiaras, four tiaras.
Stuffy: Aren't you packing too many tiaras?
Lambie: You can never have too many tiaras.

Chilly: (about Doc) No, she shouldn't take squeaky things, she should take everyone who melts. (Everyone looks at him) What? I'm a shoo-in for that one.

Alma: Are you sad?
Doc: A little, I guess.
Alma: Well, then, Pickles, wants to stay with you tonight. She's really good at snuggling.
Doc: Thanks, Alma, and thanks, Pickles.

Lambie: There's something she's not telling us. Doc, we know we can always tell you anything but you know you can always tell us anything too, right?
Doc: Well, I'm having a great time but I feel a little sad I guess.
Lambie: But you've been excited about this sleepover for days.

Stuffy: Definitely homesick-tosis. Uh, what's that again? 'Cause, uh, Pickles isn't sure.
Doc: It's when you miss your family and friends back home.

Lambie: Oh, Doc, I think you could use a cuddle. (Gives Doc a cuddle)
Doc: Aw, thanks, Lambie. That feels really nice.
Lambie: But you still feel sad. (Doc nods) If a Lambie cuddle doesn't work, then you know things are serious.

Lambie: Before, Chilly, said he was really gonna miss, Doc, so she gave him a picture of them together.
Stuffy: Yeah, and it made him feel better.
Lambie: So we need to give, Doc, a picture of her with her mom and dad and all her friends.
Stuffy: Yes, yes, yes!

Lambie: We love you, Doc.
Pickles: We do.
Doc: Thanks for being such good friends.
Stuffy: Ah, it's nothin', 'cause we love you so much.



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