Training Army Al
Season 2, Episode 29A
136527 039 pre
Air date November 11, 2014
Written by Chris Nee
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"Training Army Al" is the first segment of the fifty-fifth episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on November 11, 2014.


Doc encourages her toy friends to find comfort and strength when their pal, the soldier action figure Army Al, is called to duty and will soon be separated from them – if even for a trip into the woods with Donny’s turtle troopers.




Teddy B: (about the Turtle Troop weekend) It was everything you'd expect from a group of boys playing all weekend long. I was dropped in a puddle, dragged through some leaves, had to sleep stuffed at the bottom of a sleeping bag. Oh, and there was a game of toss the teddy that I'd be happy to forget.

Chilly: (about the Turtle Troop weekend) I would like to volunteer...not to go! I think we can all agree that would be a very bad idea.

Doc: (to Army Al) I'm really impressed with what kind of toy you are, on the inside.
Stuffy: Well he's just plastic, isn't he?
Doc: That's not the stuff I'm talking about. Al's all heart and he's willing to sacrifice to make life better for all of us. That's the best kind of toy to be.

Stuffy: Boys will swing you, throw you; boys will pull you, yank you. Ah one more bit.
Lambie: And cover you yicky sticky marshmallow goo.
Hallie: Which is stickier than gum in a glue factory.

Doc: Al, we want to give you something.
Army Al: But I-I'm not used to having toys do things for me.
Lambie: Well, get used to it. Because we all love you.
Stuffy: Yeah, you're the coolest toy we know.


  • Diagnosis: The Ready to Serves
  • Toys that debut in this episode: Army Al
  • This episode is a special Veterans Day episode.


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