Triceratops Trouble
Season 4, Episode 17B
Triceratops trouble title
Air date April 7, 2017
Written by Jennifer Hamburg
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"Triceratops Trouble" is the second segment of the one-hundred and ninth episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on April 7, 2017.


Doc and the toys have trouble diagnosing a triceratops train that can’t get enough traction to move.




Stuffy: This is so cool. Robot Ray takes the day off, and we get to do his job. So, uh, what's his job again?
Hallie: Keeping a keen eye out for toys in trouble. You just need to watch the monitors. Got it?
Stuffy: Yeah, got it.
Hallie: If you need anything, I'll be a hippo's hop away. And don't forget, Stuffy. Pay attention!
Stuffy: I'm sorry. What was that? Oh, yes, right. Pay attention.
Hallie: Mm-hmm.

Tracy: We're the triceratops train, and I'm the leader, that's right, the leader. Head honcho, triceratops in charge. Big cheddar.
Stuffy: Wow, you have a lot of jobs.
Tracy: Just one, but it's very important. I pull the triceratops train. It's what I do.

Doc: I won't know what's wrong with you until I run some tests.
Hallie: Which one, Doc? Battery test? Bounce test, balance test?
Stuffy: Or my personal favorite, the belly button test. (Pokes belly button and giggles) Okay, it's not really a test. I just like poking my belly button. (Pokes belly button) Oh, belly button. (Everyone giggling)

Doc: So now that I know you're okay, I have to ask. What gave you the idea to race around with Ricardo?!
Trina: Actually, it was Tracy's idea. She said we needed a new leader, because she couldn't be fixed.
Doc: Well, that's strange.


  • Diagnosis: Slippy Slide-y Wheel Syndrome
  • Toys that debut in this episode: Tracy, Trina and Troy
  • During the "it's okay if you giggle, this'll only tickle a little" line from the "Time for You Checkup" song, Lambie could be heard but her mouth wasn't moving.
  • This is the third episode that showed Stuffy's love for pushing buttons. The first 2 were in "Mind Over Matter" and "Welcome to McStuffinsville".
  • While Stuffy was pushing buttons in the control room, one off the screens showed Stanley and Ian.