Willow's Wonky Whiskers
Season 4, Episode 14B
Willow's wonky whiskers title
Air date January 14, 2017
Written by Chelsea Beyl
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"Willow's Wonky Whiskers" is the second segment of the one-hundred and sixth episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on January 14, 2017.


When Doc is unable to see inside a toy’s fluffy cheek, she decides to do a CAT scan to figure out the problem.




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Chilly: (Gasp) Under the bed? This is bad. There's smelly socks and dust monsters under there. Oh, who's gonna go under there to get her? 'Cause I'm afraid of socks. They just seem so creepy when you don't have feet. (Doc giggles as Army Al and Darla slides in)
Army Al: Rescue team, reporting for duty.
Chilly: Oh, good. The rescue team.
Lambie: (Lambie hands Chilly a rescue life coat) No, Chilly, you're on the rescue team, too.
Chilly: This just went from bad to terrible.

Willow: It's like I have a prickly porcupine on my face.
Chilly: There's a porcupine on the loose? Quick, everybody hide in front of me.
Doc: I don't think there's a porcupine here, Chilly. (Giggles)
Chilly: Are you sure? 'Cause I think I'm starting to feel all prickly, too.

Willow: What does that do?
Doc: It'll take a picture of you.
Willow: A picture? May I at least powder my whiskers first?
Doc: (Giggles) Not that kind of picture. Kids get X-rays so doctors can see their bones. You'll get an X-ray so I can see your stuffing.

Doc: Hallie, let's get Willow ready for a CAT scan.
Willow: I get my very own kind of scan?
Chilly: Now that's livin'.
Doc: Not exactly. Other toys, and even kids, get CAT scans.
Stuffy: Why would a kid need a CAT scan? They're not cats. If they are, they hide their whiskers very well.
Chilly: Unless a CAT scan turns you into a cat. (Both Stuffy and Chilly scream)
Doc: (Giggles) That's just what they're called. C-A-T stands for computerized axial tomography. It's a fancy way to say it's a scan that shows even more than an X-ray.

Willow: (Gasp) That's a CAT scan?!
Stuffy: Huh. Looks more like a big doughnut to me. Ho ho, tasty!


  • Diagnoses: Wonky Whiskeritis, Internal Whiskery Prickly-itis
  • Toys that debut in this episode: Willow
  • Lambie with her rescue life coat on stood on all fours two times. At the beginning, she did it while going under the bed to get Willow. Then at the end, while going back to the hospital from the toy box with the other toys.
  • Also Lambie stood on all fours in her hospital clothes for a second when she hopped onto the CAT Scan bed.
  • This is the second episode where none of the original songs were performed. The first time was in "The Big Sleepover".
  • The "I Feel Better" song was credited, but it wasn't performed in this episode.